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My new webcomic Shade Marsh!


So it's been two years since I self-published my 2016 short comic book Koltar, and now I'm finally releasing my NEXT COMIC BOOK!  At lot's happened since then, but I've been focusing primarily on writing.  I went back and forth working primarily on two big stories, and It took me a while to decide which project I wanted to put out next.  

But it finally clicked one day on my morning commute.  Between New York and New Jersey lies a forgotten landscape of abandoned buildings, storage container lots, and swampland, serving as a kind of buffer zone that keeps pretentious New Yorkers from realizing that a land of plenty lies just across the river.   I've wanted to tell a story about this sort of in-between realm ever since I was in high school but never have.  As I looked out my train window, it suddenly dawned on me that one of these two stories, about witches trying to protect their swamp from evil, was actually about this in-between place the whole time!  I'd been envisioning their setting as a place just on the edge of society and outside my window I saw it.  And so as soon as I got home, I put the other story in the drawer and started the first page of my next comic SHADE MARSH!  

At this point, there are four full pages complete, and I've decided to share it in a different way than I did with Koltar, which I published in big chunks and then a final print release.  That was exciting in it's own way, but there was something isolating about it too.  This time, with Shade Marsh, I'm going to publish pages on my website as I go.  Hope you enjoy it.  And check out below are some progress shots of the very first pages!!